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0002587JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-03-01 13:34
ReporterCCRAssigned Toremkobonte 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.00 
Summary0002587: Replace TJvCustomRichEdit.InsertBitmap with TJvCustomRichEdit.InsertGraphic, like this...
DescriptionWith TImageDataObject do this:
1) Remove GetExtent, as it's a bit pointless.
2) Replace FBitmap: TBitmap with FGraphic: TGraphic,
   and alter the constructor to fit.
3) Rewrite GetData to be the following:

function TImageDataObject.GetData(const FormatEtcIn: TFormatEtc;
  out Medium: TStgMedium): HRESULT;
  SizeMetric: TPoint;
  Buffer: Pointer;
  Length: UINT;
  DC: HDC;
  hMem: THandle;
  pMFP: PMetafilePict;
  // Handle only MetaFile
  if (FormatEtcIn.tymed and TYMED_MFPICT) = 0 then
    Result := DV_E_FORMATETC;
  if FGraphic is TMetafile then //Get a Win3x-style HMETAFILE handle
    with TMetafile(FGraphic) do //from a HENHMETAFILE one.
      SizeMetric.X := MMWidth;
      SizeMetric.Y := MMHeight;
      Buffer := nil;
      Length := 0;
      DC := GetDC(0);
        Length := GetWinMetaFileBits(Handle, 0, nil, MM_ANISOTROPIC, DC);
        GetMem(Buffer, Length);
        if GetWinMetaFileBits(Handle, Length, Buffer,
             MM_ANISOTROPIC, DC) = Length then
          hMF := SetMetaFileBitsEx(Length, Buffer)
          hMF := 0;
        if Buffer <> nil then FreeMem(Buffer, Length);
        ReleaseDC(0, DC);
    SizeMetric.X := MulDiv(FGraphic.Width,
      CHundredthMMPerInch, Screen.PixelsPerInch);
    SizeMetric.Y := MulDiv(FGraphic.Height,
      CHundredthMMPerInch, Screen.PixelsPerInch);
    // Create Metafile DC and set it up
    DC := CreateMetafile(nil);
    SetWindowOrgEx(DC, 0, 0, nil);
    SetWindowExtEx(DC, SizeMetric.X, SizeMetric.Y, nil);

    if FGraphic.ClassType = TIcon then
      DrawIconEx(DC, 0, 0, TIcon(FGraphic).Handle, SizeMetric.X, SizeMetric.Y,
        0, 0, DI_NORMAL)
      with TCanvas.Create do
        Handle := DC;
        StretchDraw(Rect(0, 0, SizeMetric.X, SizeMetric.Y), FGraphic);
    hMF := CloseMetaFile(DC);
  if hMF = 0 then
    Result := E_UNEXPECTED;
  // Get memory handle
  if hMem = 0 then
    Result := STG_E_MEDIUMFULL;
  pMFP := PMetafilePict(GlobalLock(hMem));
  pMFP^.hMF := hMF;
  pMFP^.xExt := SizeMetric.X;
  pMFP^.yExt := SizeMetric.Y;

  Medium.tymed := TYMED_MFPICT;
  Medium.hGlobal := hMem;
  Medium.unkForRelease := nil;

  Result := S_OK;

Finally, in TJvCustomRichEdit rename InsertBitmap to InsertGraphic, update the method's parameter from Bitmap: TBitmap to AGraphic: TGraphic, and send AGraphic instead of ABitmap to TImageDataObject.Create.
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2005-02-03 00:41

administrator   ~0006348

What's the point of this change?


2005-02-04 20:31

reporter   ~0006412

To allow sizeable metafiles (e.g. the clipart one gets with MS Office) to be inserted as sizeable metafiles. As in, copy a metafile to a bitmap first, and when enlarged it will become distorted. Hence, allow it to be inserted directly as itself (so to speak), and the user can then resize it without distortion.

The suggested change also allows the direct insertion of JPEG pictures, of course.


2005-03-01 13:34

developer   ~0006625

Thanks, this is now in CVS.

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