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0002655JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-03-17 00:14
ReporterDSA JCRAssigned Tojfudickar 
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Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.00 
Summary0002655: JvAppXMLStorage.WhiteSpaceReplacement doesn't work with JVCL 3.00 RC 1
DescriptionHi all

I used, before JVC 3.00 RC1 version, an XML file to save the Form propierties of my app.
I used a JvAppXMLStorage comp. connected with a JvAppStorage, and works fine.

I have downloaded the version of Jedi of sourceforge (JVCL 3.00 RC 1 2005-01-08) and found the following problems:

1.- JvAppXMLStorage.WhiteSpaceReplacement has changed into StorageOptions, is OK.
  BUT, it cannot be accesible by code, only with the Inspector. So I cannot assign a value by code to this propierty. (before I assigned by code the values of jVAppXMLStorage).

2.- When I assign a value to this propierty WhiteSpaceReplacement=> '_' in the Inspector and run my app, I have the following exception "XML nodes cannot contain white space and the WhiteSpaceReplacement propierty is empty. Please set the WhiteSpaceReplacement propierty to a non empty value"
BUT, this is not true, if i see the propierty in my app. it has the value '_'.
I think is there a problem when the changes in this propierty.
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has duplicate 0002654 closed JvAppXMLStorage.WhiteSpaceReplacement doesn't work with JVCL 3.00 RC 1 


2005-02-19 04:46


ExecError.jpg (95,422 bytes)
ExecError.jpg (95,422 bytes)


2005-02-19 05:19

reporter   ~0006525

Heyyy it isn't a bug.

I`m sorry is working fine.

I had another JvAppXMLStorage in another unit that I haven`t seen.

sorry for the incovenience



2005-02-19 05:26

reporter   ~0006526

Hi again ;-)

the bug that is real is the one that it cannot be accesed the WhiteSpaceReplacement propierty by code.

this is true also in the last daily build (05/02/2005).



2005-02-23 15:10

developer   ~0006553


for point 1, try something similar:
TJvAppXMLStorageOptions(XMLStorage.StorageOptions).WhiteSpaceReplacement := 'XXX';

for point 2, i can't reproduce it. It's working here without problems.

Could you create a sample and attach it to the bug entry.



2005-02-24 11:21

viewer   ~0006560


Point 2 is ok, I said in my first note that it was my mistake.

Point 1, I mean, when I am in a PAS file and write "TJvAppXMLStorageOptions."
(See the last ".") the normal situation is that when you press "." in a class the Delphi editor gives you the list of objects`/propierties of this class and you select one and follow.
But now in the object inspector you see that the WhiteSpaceReplacement propierty is inside StorageOptions, so you expect the following situation:

"TJvAppXMLStorageOptions." => Select object/propierty
"TJvAppXMLStorageOptions.StorageOptions." => Select object/propierty

and follow developing.

Now this is not the behaviour. I think that is not normal to put something like
because I see in the object inspector another thing.



2005-02-25 03:49

administrator   ~0006562

That's because you didn't notice that the property is of type TJvAppStorageOptions, while the actual class used for XML is TJvAppXMLStorageOptions. The IDE will do the difference and show the values for the latter, but your code has to cope with this.
I've readded a property for this, but it is there for legacy purposes only.


2005-02-25 04:23

developer   ~0006564

Maybe i can do something different this weekend. I will try it out and give you a feedback after that.


2005-02-27 09:10

developer   ~0006603

Please have a look at the new code.

I've removed the code of olivier. My code is hopefully right now.


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