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0002695JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-03-13 06:43
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Product Version3.00 BETA 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.00 
Summary0002695: JvExpressButton not storing font information
DescriptionI created a new D6 Enterprise application. I added a JvExpress to the main form and then a couple of JvExpressButtons to the JvExpress. I set the JvExpress to use the Parent Font (Trebuchet MS). I set the JvExpressButton to use the Parent Font as well.

Then I save the application, close all and reload the application. The JvExpressButton Parent Font value is False and the font colour has revered back to the default of clWhite (can we change that to clWindowText?).
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2005-03-03 00:59


Try this:

Add to/change in class

property ParentFont default false;

Add in constructor:

  ParentFont := false;
  Font.Color := clHighlightText;

Rebuild the RT package (JvCustomD?R.dpk)


2005-03-06 00:13

viewer   ~0006643

That appears to have done the trick.

I switched things up a bit:

1) I changed the default to True
2) In the constructor I set ParentFont := True;
3) I set Font.Color := clWindowText;

It seemed like a TButton was setting the ParentFont to true and the color to clWindowText so that's why I made those adjustments.

Thanks for your help.



2005-03-09 01:01


Your changes restore the default behavior and you could have accomplished the same thing it by just removing the line that changes the Font properties :)

Anyway, the Expressbuttons should have a default white color since they are generally placed on a JvExpress that has a dark gray background, so the changes I posted are the ones I am going to commit to CVS.


2005-03-10 09:06

viewer   ~0006674

I'll arm wrestle you for which colour they should start out as. :-)




2005-03-10 12:44


I have very big arms ;)


2005-03-13 06:43


Fixed in CVS

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