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0002748JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-08-09 06:28
Reportermc_bothaAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.00 BETA 2 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.10 
Summary0002748: JvgExportComponents export to Excel outputs fields set to Invisible
DescriptionJvgExportComponents export to Excel outputs fields set to Invisible.
Either add the following code to the "TJvgExportExcel.Execute" procedure or even better, add a property that will allow the user to set whether to output invisible fields or not.
Additional InformationCode changes:
1) ColNo := 1;
   After the line "while not DataSet.Eof do"
   and before the column autosize code "InsertStrings"
2) if Not DataSet.Fields[I].Visible then begin Dec(ColNo); Continue; end;

This should be added to the iterations for both the header and the data, it would be about line 410, 425, 435 and 458.
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2005-05-18 09:39

administrator   ~0007222

So if I understand you correctly, your changes should be prepeneded with

if OutputInvisibleField then

Is that correct?


2005-05-18 23:10

viewer   ~0007231

Yes that's correct, it would be better to give the user the option to output invisible fields or not.


2005-05-19 03:51

administrator   ~0007238

I have a hard time finding the right places where to do the changes, and you obviously know better than me where to put them.
Could you get the latest version of the pas file from CVS (up to 5 hours delay from now - 12:32 Paris time) and use the jeoOutputInvisibleColumns constant in the Options property to implement the changes?
Or at least post a modified version of the file you have, clearly indicating where to put the required changes.

2005-05-20 08:13 (33,161 bytes)


2005-05-20 08:16

reporter   ~0007280

Changes made to download on 2005/5/20.
I have uploaded the changes made to JvgExportComponents.pas and to JvResources.pas. The last file changed:

//=== JvgExportComponents.pas ================================================
  RsEDataSetIsUnassigned = 'DataSet is unassigned';
  RsESaveToFileNamePropertyIsEmpty = 'SaveToFileName property is empty';
  RsEExcelNotAvailable = 'Excel not available';

... to show when Excel is not available on user machine.


2005-08-09 06:28

administrator   ~0007710

Thanks, sorry for the delay, this is now in CVS. Use jeoOutputInvisibleColumns in Options to control the behaviour.

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