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0002860JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-04-13 01:23
ReporteranonymousAssigned Tooutchy 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.10 
Summary0002860: Bug: TJvExXXX control mybe did't send message to Form Designer.
DescriptionHi peter ,I'm dejoy.

Even since ReWrite TJvExXXX controls code hereafter,we detected the bug that control message did't send to form desiger(such as TJvSpeedButton of CM_MOUSEENTER).In TControl.WndProc, call "Form.Designer.IsDesignMsg" first to send message to Designer before dispatch message. All TJvExXXX control's has override " WndProc" procedure, in override WndProc, Dispatch some message Manual, That dosenot call inherited WndProc direct, these message dosenot send to designer too, otherwise call the inherited WndProc passed BaseWndProc called by custom message handler ,Induce maybe the override message handler skip to call inherited proc that the message never send to designer . so ,We must requisite to send message to designer before dispatch message custom in "TJvExXXX.WndProc" . In some control who's inherited of TJvExXXX, message handler killed the messsage who is send to designer. for example,in TJvCustomSpeedButton.MouseEnter ,this code killed the message send to designer:
  if csDesigning in ComponentState then
so we can change to like this ,call inherited proc first before exit porc.
    inherited MouseEnter(Control);
    if csDesigning in ComponentState then
but this is a lot of code of class inherited from TJvExXXX must be rewrite in all custom message handler, and this done maybe make user's oldversion code fallibility and uncertain, if user override the message handler and did't call inherited proc,the bug will occur yet.Of course,we can do this ,but must do the next plan first.

The best way fix this bug is:
Send the message to form desinger in TJvExXXX.WndProc Manual surely before you dispatch some message I writed a function DispatchIsDesignMsg,call item in TJvExXXX.WndProc before dispatch message Manual,inserted in all TJvExXXX.WndProc, that OK.

function DispatchIsDesignMsg(Control: TControl; var Msg: TMessage):Boolean;
  Form: TCustomForm;
  Result := False;
  if Control = nil then

  with Control do
  if (csDesigning in ComponentState) then
    Form := GetParentForm(Control);
    if (Form <> nil) and (Form.Designer <> nil) then
     Result := Form.Designer.IsDesignMsg(Control, Msg);

use like this:
procedure TJvExControl.WndProc(var Msg: TMessage);
  if DispatchIsDesignMsg(self,Msg) then
   case Msg.Msg of

the files is fixed devtools\JvExVCL\src TJvExXXX control source.I did't fixed the override message handler bug in controls inherited from TJvExXXX,Only just fixed with DispatchIsDesignMsg,this bug is fixed needless.

this jvOfficebutton.pas is clearup file,all file tested ok.
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2005-04-11 01:14


JvExVCLsrc.rar (6,860 bytes)

2005-04-11 01:16


JvOfficeColorButton.pas (27,067 bytes)


2005-04-12 11:41

administrator   ~0006980

The JVExVCL modifications are now in the CVS.
Expecting a ccmmit of JvOfficeColorButton.pas later in the evening.


2005-04-12 12:09

administrator   ~0006981

After looking at the JvOfficeColorButton.pas, you are undoing modifications made about 9 months ago (IT 2105).
I can't understand why a modification made to solve a bug some months ago have to be undone.


2005-04-12 22:14

viewer   ~0006988

>>I can't understand why a modification made to solve a bug some months ago have to be undone.

Because the jvofficebutton used JVExVCL,and the JVExVCL was rewrited more times, so i rewrite jvofficebutton more times.if jvofficebutton use the lastdate CVS version of JVExVCL,the code can writed simpleness,just only call Protected procedure MouseXXXX(..) is ok,did't need send CM_MOUSEXX message.


2005-04-13 01:23

administrator   ~0006992

I committed your changes to the CVS repository.
Thanks for your job :)

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