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0002911JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-04-28 11:41
ReporterOctabunAssigned Toobones 
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Product Version3.00 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0002911: TJvMail does not allow to send mail using Exchange to external address
DescriptionWhen sending email using Exchange to a recepient whose address is not in the address book, TJvMail looks like sending email OK, but Outlook immediately receives an "Undeliverable" message from the server and email is not sent.
Additional InformationThis happens because the address has not been transformed to an "one-off" address. To transform the address, ResolveAddress function must be called. If the email address is a valid SMTP address, it returns RecipDesc with updated properties, including unique ID that marks the address as "one-off".

It is interesting that Outlook Express does not understand the address type set by ResolveName.

Proposed changes to version 3.0 JvMail.pas are in the attached file.
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2005-04-26 05:11 (2,159 bytes)


2005-04-26 07:46

administrator   ~0007070

This looks awfully similar to the common issue everyone one has with Outlook when not putting smtp: in front of the destination address.
Please try puttin smtp: in front of the address and let us know how this goes.


2005-04-26 22:43

reporter   ~0007073

The form of the address worked OK. Outlook 2003 also works fine without smtp: in the address.


2005-04-28 11:41

administrator   ~0007077

Then I consider this to be resolved, as it is an Outlook specific issue.

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