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0002938JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2005-05-09 03:37
Reporterralf.kaiserAssigned ToAHUser 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.10 
Summary0002938: TjvOfficeColorButton does not expose property ClickColorButton of the internal panel
DescriptionWhen the user clicks on the "Automatic" button inside the color panel of a
TJvOfficeColorButton, the program is not able to change the "Automatic"
color. The button does not expose the property "ClickColorButton" of the
embedded TJvOfficeColorPanel, so the program cannot check which button was
Additional InformationThe only way to do this would (currently) be the following hack (Delphi is
able to access protected properties of a class if it is defined in the same
unit) :

Somewhere in "interface":

  THackCustomOfficeColorButton = class(TJvCustomOfficeColorButton);

And in the "ColorButtonClick" event:

     cbctColorsButton: begin
     cbctAutoButton: begin
     cbctOtherButton: begin
     cbctNone: begin

That works but it cannot be a real solution, i think. It would be better to
expose the property ClickColorButton as public property of
TJvOfficeColorButton. Another way would be to add it as parameter to the
"ColorButtonClick" event but that may break existing code that is currently
working with this event.
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2005-05-09 03:37

developer   ~0007120

I have introduced a new event: OnAdvColorButtonClick which is triggered before OnColorButtonClick and has a second parameter: Button: TJvClickColorButtonType.


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