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0003384JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-03-10 02:15
ReporterWBennerAssigned ToAHUser 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.00 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0003384: Installation of JVCL for Delphi 2005
DescriptionI have installed Delphi 7 AND Delphi 2005. I can install JCL without problems. The jediinstaller recognizes both Delphi platforms. The Installer of JVCL recognizes only Delphi 7.
Any Ideas?
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related to 0003467 resolvedAHUser Install fails when JCL installed in non-standart path (with decision) 



2006-01-05 07:53

administrator   ~0008280

What message?


2006-01-06 02:32

reporter   ~0008307

There are no error messages. The jediinstaller.exe for JVCL recognizes only Delhi 7. The Jediinstaller for the JCL recognizes both platforms. Very mysterious.


2006-01-06 04:43

developer   ~0008309

Last edited: 2006-01-06 04:45

The same problem (jvcl 3.1).
May be because JCL packages installed in non standart path:

there is no problems for jvcl 3.0 + Delphi2005 + the same path


2006-02-01 01:56

reporter   ~0008480

The last installation from 30.1.2006 has the same problems like before. The JCL is installed for both platforms, the JVCL only for Delphi 7. There are no error messages.
What have you changed in your fix?


2006-02-01 02:31

developer   ~0008482

- IsDelphi and IsBCB are now private and should not be used anymore.
IsDelphi is only set if it's not a BDS, IsBCB is only set if it's not a
- There's a new methode SupportsPersonalities([persDelphi, persBCB,
persCSharp, persDelphiNet])
- Default paths for BDS have changed:
  HppDir: $(BDS)\Include\JVCL => GlobalIncludePaths list
  DcpDir: $(JVCL)\Lib\$(VER)
- UnitOutDir + Resources is added to C++'s global search path
- Include directory is created if not existant (only if persBCB is
- BDSProjectsDir is now read from the IDE's environment variable if set
- Support for user defined BPL/DCP directory is improved.
- BDS's package cache and palette cache is cleared
- JCL detection is improved, all PATH entries are searched for the JCL bpl
- Directory-Edits do no more show the dir-browse dialog if the user enters
or single clicks the edit control.
- Compile dialog is brought to front without stealing the focus.

I haven't tested the updated installer with BCB 5/6, BDS 3.0 (D2005).


2006-02-01 03:47

developer   ~0008483

> The jediinstaller.exe for JVCL recognizes only Delhi 7

What do you exactly mean with "recognizes"? Does it show a disabled "Borland Developer Studio 2006" checkbox, or doesn't it show this checkbox at all?

There is no JediInstaller.exe for JVCL :-)


2006-02-01 11:19

reporter   ~0008488

Sorry, i mean jvclinstall.exe of course and my second delphi platform is 2005.
I have debugged the source of jvclinstall.exe and have detected the problem. The program has not found djcl90.bpl for Delphi 2005, which was in another directory. After copy in a common bpl-directory was delhi 2005 recognized.

Now i can build JCL and JVCL for both platforms, but in 2005 is still a problem with loading jvcl*.bpl files. Delphi 2005 means that package djcl90 cannot loaded because unit zlibh is defined in package jcl90 :-(

I think, that Delphi 2005 has trouble with the different directories for jedi in DELPHI7/JEDI and PROGRAMME/BORLAND/BDS/3.0/KOMPONENTEN/JEDI and two bpl directories which are all in path.


2006-02-21 04:40

developer   ~0008582

> djcl90 cannot loaded because unit zlibh is defined in
> package jcl90

That means you have an older JCL and a new JCL installed at the same time. The JCL has changed the package naming from DJclXX.bpl to JclXX.bpl (without the leading "D").


2006-03-10 02:15

developer   ~0008640

No response for more than a week.

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