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0003406JEDI VCLJclStringspublic2006-01-17 13:33
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.20 
Summary0003406: Functions 'substr' and 'addslash2' missing from jvjclUtils.pas
DescriptionThe functions 'substr' and addslash2 are no longer included in jvjclUtils but are available in the archive folder in units jvStrUtil and jvUtils. In the 3.0 library, the substr and addSlash2 functions were in ..\run\JVJCLUTILS.PAS. Both of these functions are called in the JvInterpreter example project jvInterpreterTest. If these functions were eliminated by design, the example project needs to be updated to use replacement functions.
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2006-01-17 13:33

administrator   ~0008399

AddSlash2 is replaced by PathAddSeparator from JclFileUtils.pas
Substr is replaced by a use of StrToStrings

The example has been fixed in CVS.

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