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0003435JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2006-04-05 06:32
ReportermjwallinAssigned Tojfudickar 
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Product Version3.10 
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Summary0003435: copyfile function from old RX Lib not available in JVCL
DescriptionThe old RXLib contained a function copyFile(source, destination, progressbar) in the old fileUtil.pas unit. The function is now in ..\jvcl\archive\jvfileutil and is not present in the current JVCL library unless it has been given some other name. Unfortunately, it seems that copyFile cannot be used from the archive folder as there is some kind of conflict with other functions in jvFunctions which cause the error 'Ambiguous overloaded call to OpenObject'.
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2006-01-11 13:06

developer   ~0008368

You can find the function in the jcl.

Have a look at the JclFileUtils.pas file.


2006-01-11 22:04

reporter   ~0008375

The function in jclFileUtils.pas is not the same as the one in the RX Lib. The one in jclFileUtils is the following:
function FileCopy(const ExistingFileName, NewFileName: string; ReplaceExisting: Boolean = False): Boolean;

The procedure (not function) in the RX Lib has a different footprint:
procedure CopyFile(const FileName, DestName: string;
  ProgressControl: TControl);
The RX Lib version passes a progress control parameter which is handy as the progress can be displayed if desired.


2006-04-05 06:32

administrator   ~0008973

We won't be putting this function back in.

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