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0003445JEDI VCL03 Donationspublic2006-04-05 02:08
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.30 
Summary0003445: TJvBallonHint Unicode (WideString) version
DescriptionAs I needed to display international caracters in ballon hint, I made a modification to make this component compatible with unicode.

Here is the code attached
Additional InformationTJvBallonHint has now all the ActivateHint and DefaultHeader in WideString

The trick was to encode all the WideStrings to UTF8 so they can travel with ANSI strings, then decode as they are draw.

Unit should be compatible with Win9x/Me as there is a check at initialization for the presence of the unicode layer.

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2006-01-17 07:26 (14,080 bytes)


2006-04-05 02:08

administrator   ~0008952

Thanks, this is now in CVS.
Note however that your test of unicode support was not correct as it used static linking for the unicode functions. The only safe way to go is to use LoadLibrary and GetProcAddress, which is what is in the version I committed

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