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0003791JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2007-10-21 04:18
ReportermooreAssigned ToInformatix 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.20 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.33 
Summary0003791: Themed JvDBGrid possible?
DescriptionIs it posible to make the fantastic JvDBGrid themed in themed applications like done wth the satndard DBGrid here ?
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2006-07-03 09:28

developer   ~0009752

Last edited: 2006-07-03 09:50

Maybe... I've never been able to use the theming option of the JVCL installer.
You should try that before anything else.



2006-07-03 11:11

reporter   ~0009757

Try what? what i meant that when an application is with the XPManifest the grid header shows like the listview header..


2006-07-04 05:11

developer   ~0009762

The JVCL installer has an option named "XP Theming (not for D7)". Check the box, build the packages and see if you get the expected result.



2006-07-04 05:17

reporter   ~0009763

>XP Theming (not for D7)

What if I am using Delphi7 ?


2006-07-04 07:57

administrator   ~0009765

Then you don't need to check it, the theming support will be already built in.
However you will have to drop a TXPManifest component in your application to have the themes support for it.


2006-07-04 09:10

reporter   ~0009766

themes support is there for windows common controls with XPManifest, what i meant is if it is possible for the JvDBGrid (not a win common control)like done for the standard DBGrid in the webpage above..


2007-10-20 07:43

reporter   ~0013988

Last edited: 2007-10-20 07:45

I downloaded the daily zip of JVCL and I see the JvDBGrid has a new property named UseXPThemes, which makes the Grid header look like the ListView one when a XPManifest is present, so this feature request maybe closed, any side effects should be commented in new thread..

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