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0004000JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2007-01-05 01:10
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Summary0004000: "Cannot set data of control that has no dock orientation" message when loading layout with form docked at CustomDockPanel
Descriptionrunning DockingInCode.exe from jvcl examples, then clicking "Sibling Dock"
then clicking "Save layout" and then "Load layout" results in

"Cannot set data of control that has no dock orientation" message.
Same error I get when loading layout with form docked at CustomDockPanel.

Error fixed when commentint 2 lines in JvDockTree.pas code fragment below
      raise Exception.CreateRes(@RsEDockCannotSetValueWithNoOrient);

procedure TJvDockTree.SetDockSiteSize(const Value: Integer);
    if DockSite.Align in [alRight, alBottom] then
      DockSiteBegin := DockSiteBegin - (Value - DockSiteSize);
    case DockSiteOrientation of
        DockSite.Width := Value;
        DockSite.Height := Value;
      raise Exception.CreateRes(@RsEDockCannotSetValueWithNoOrient);
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duplicate of 0003902 resolvedobones CustomDock Layout Loading 2 


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