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0004175JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2007-10-15 05:13
ReporterdanilopiazzaAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.32 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.34 
Summary0004175: JvBrowseFolder: compiler errors with BCB5 on PItemIDList type
DescriptionI am not sure whether this is a bug in JVCL more than a bug in C++ Builder 5 compiler, but it just looks like one of the possible errors mentioned in BCB Compatiblity Guide.

When I use TJvBrowseForFolderDialog I get compiler errors in JvBrowseFolder.hpp:

[C++ Error] JvBrowseFolder.hpp(171): E2347 Parameter mismatch in read access specifier of property Pidl

The relevant header code, briefly summarized, is like this:

class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TJvBrowseForFolderDialog : public Jvbasedlg::TJvCommonDialogF
    __property Shlobj::PItemIDList Pidl = {read=FPidl};

As Shlobj::PItemIDList is actually a typedef for _ITEMIDLIST *, I can work around the problem by simply replacing the property declaration

    __property _ITEMIDLIST *Pidl = {read=FPidl};

Additional InformationUsing Borland C++ Builder 5
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2007-10-15 05:12

administrator   ~0013967

This is now in SVN.

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