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0004251JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2007-12-16 13:05
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Summary0004251: View a new JvSpeedButton privew
DescriptionI'm dejoy, the jvofficebutton author.I'm rewriting the jvofficebutton now,the new jvofficebutton is Derived from TJvCustomSpeedButton,so i improved TJvSpeedButton,rewrite some code and add some,the new control popup user custom popup window,not just only TPopupMenu,new jvoffice will use this the TJvSpeedButton implemented all functionaly of TJvArrowButton,the TJvArrowButton can Derived from TJvCustomSpeedButton simply now.the new TJvSpeedButton and jvoffice series will come soon to donate to put a new TJvSpeedButton functionaly privew demo.
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has duplicate 0004250 resolvedobones View a new JvSpeedButton privew 


2007-10-01 20:55


JvSpeedButton_Privew.rar (333,414 bytes)


2007-10-12 09:05

administrator   ~0013946

Thanks for that, we'll look into it as soon as we can

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