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0004894JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-06-12 10:49
ReportergwarkAssigned Towpostma 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.37 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004894: GetDockedControls(WinControls) function always returns zero (DockingInCode example)
DescriptionReproduce: Try the DockingInCode example and add a few Sibling dock-forms.
The placing of the forms should be related to the amount of docked forms using the GetDockedControls(WinControls : TList) function. Yet the function always returns a list with 0 items.
Additional InformationThere is a {$IFDEF JVDOCK_QUERY} preventing the listing of the forms. The {$DEFINE JVDOCK_QUERY} is experimental, it seems to work fine however.
Can this feature be released in the next version?
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2009-08-16 19:38

developer   ~0016001

Last edited: 2009-08-16 19:41

I have seen this. Definitely broken. Will investigate. I believe I added a whole extra layer of code to make that traversal of the tree possible. I was too nervous to enable it permanently in case the original (NON-FUNCTIONING) docking code (contributed to JVCL project) actually had some hitherto undetectable utility.

(In other words, I thought, hey, this API is broken it doesn't work at all. So I made it work for me conditionally.)

I could really use any updates anybody can provide me as to any cases where this ifdef is NOT Defined (so my new code is not included in the build) and you can somehow get a non-empty non-useless result from this API call, however subtle it may be to understand the actual use of this api.

Be aware the authors of this library were Chinese and all original comments in Chinese were stripped when we brought this code into the Jedi VCL project, and that any comments in this code were added later by people other than the original authors of the code, so the comments are attempts to understand code written by a third party.


2009-09-23 17:12

administrator   ~0016169

gwark: Could you please answer Warren?


2009-09-23 17:17

developer   ~0016172

Last edited: 2009-09-23 17:18

I suggest we change the ifdef that makes this functional to an ifndef JVDOCKING_DISABLE_TRAVERSAL so that this code is functional by default.


2009-10-01 15:12

reporter   ~0016210

As I remarked, I don't know why the call is skipped since it seems to work fine. I have to say I haven't tested it very thoroughly, but I have compiled the library again with the call reactivated. I haven't had any poblems ever since.
I agree with wpostma416's comment to change the ifdef to ifndef.


2009-10-28 22:44

administrator   ~0016843

Warren, please do the change if you feel like doing so and then "resolve" this issue.


2010-12-10 13:08

reporter   ~0018241

Can this please be looked at?
I can submit a patch if that would help.


2012-02-03 22:10

developer   ~0019370

This needs to be implemented properly, as current code is broken.


2012-06-12 10:49

administrator   ~0019895

Warren, were you able to make any progress on this issue?

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