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0005007JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-09-10 14:15
ReportertetarddAssigned Toobones 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.46 
Summary0005007: TJvListView: add an OnBeginColumnResize, OnColumnResize, OnEndColumnResize events

Add the above mentioned events as described in:

Note: The OnBeginColumnResize should have a "Var CanResize : Boolean" param that can be used to prevent that column resizing (see

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2009-11-08 10:56 (423,317 bytes)


2009-11-08 11:02

reporter   ~0016863

Included is my attempt at doing it. It seems to be working perfectly.
You'll find a test unit called ImprovedJvListView where I simply created a descendant of TJvListView for testing the proposed changes, and, a small app to demonstrate it works.
Then, you'll find my proposed additions already included in the SVN version of JvListView.pas unit, all my changes in that unit marked "DT".

1- I could not resist the temptation in one place to clarify the code by renaming a variable ("Index" which is very unclear into "ColumnIndex" which is much clearer).

2- I also added one small other functionality that I could not find and that would be useful: a variable that indicates which colum is currently sorted. This way, we can save that value, for example in the registry then restore it when re-launching an application. It's called FSortedColumnIndex".


2009-12-04 14:47

administrator   ~0016934

Thanks for this, it will be reviewed and acted upon when we have more time


2012-02-27 15:29

administrator   ~0019583

This is now in SVN

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