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0005088JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2011-06-10 16:09
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Product Version3.39 
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Summary0005088: I incorporated the JvErrorIndicator into my project. Now I have to include JvCore and Jcl run-time packages
DescriptionThe biggest complaint I have heard from other developers regarding the Jcl/Jvcl is that if you use 1 unit you have to use it all. I just wanted to use the ErrorIndicator, but that requires the Jcl for some reason which carries all sorts of classes that I neither need or want. I don't want to create a customized version of the TJvErrorIndicator, but in order to reduce my dependancies and the size of my deployment I may have to unless you can suggest something else.

BTW, why don't the JCL and JVCL packages use the LIBSUFFIX option? I have to maintain custom projects for each version of Delphi I support so I can fix up the DCP references like JvCoreD7R.dcp, where if you used LIBSUFFIX it would be JvCoreR.dcp for all versions.
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2010-01-02 21:27

administrator   ~0017062



2010-01-02 21:44

reporter   ~0017063

I guess then, the question is what is the suffix used? Why is it that the JVCL packages contain a Delphi specific suffix? It defeats the whole purpose as Marco put it here:

"Delphi 6 packages introduced the extensive use of the $LIBSUFFIX directive. For this reason, the VCL package now generates the VCL.DCP file and the VCL70.BPL file. The advantage of this approach is that you won't need to change the requires portions of your packages for every new version of Delphi."


2010-01-03 14:51

developer   ~0017064

Maybe a possible reason: The JVCL supported Delphi 5 till some months ago. And Delphi 5 didn't have the $LIBSUFFIX compiler option.


2010-01-03 17:33

administrator   ~0017065

The JCL has supported C5/D5 for the same period while it has been using the LIBSUFFIX for all other targets at the same time. I really don't know why the JVCL is stuck to the old manual package suffix. Anyway, that's a must fix.

About the other requests of the initial report, I think all of them are "as designed".


2010-01-13 16:58

administrator   ~0017109

The LIBSUFFIX is now used for all JVCL packages

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