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0005096JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2011-06-10 16:10
ReportermigajekAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.39 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.40 
Summary0005096: JvDocking: A component named TJvDockTabHostForm_<Form1>_<Form2>_7FEFA350 already exists
DescriptionI have a code which automatically docks all the forms to bottom dock, as tabs ( style) using ManualTabDock / ManualTabDockAddPage.
Later, LoadDockTreeFromFile is being executed.

Recently I got that error:

A component named TJvDockTabHostForm_FormDebuggerLocalVars_FormDebuggerGlobalVars_7FEFA350 already exists.

I believe it might be caused by creating the Tab host again (one was created by my "default positioning" code) while the second one is being created by LoadDockTreeFromFile function (the docks layout saved in file was the one generated by my "default positioning" function, since I haven't changed anything).
I was unable to reproduce the error, however I think it might appear randomly ...
is the text appended at the end of DockTabHostForm name some pointer to it?

Maybe it should be named randomly?

Stack trace included, however I don't think it helps here much...

Additional InformationException class: EComponentError

Exception message: A component named TJvDockTabHostForm_FormDebuggerLocalVars_FormDebuggerGlobalVars_7FEFA350 already exists.

Exception address: 4003BBBF


Stack list, generated 2010-01-06 16:42:29

(0003ABBA){rtl70.bpl } [4003BBBA] Classes.TComponent.ValidateRename

(0003ACA4){rtl70.bpl } [4003BCA4] Classes.TComponent.SetName

(0001E874){JvDockingD7R.bpl} [495BF874] JvDockControlForm.TJvDockClient.CreateTabHostAndDockControl (Line 2946, "" + 2)

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2010-01-06 17:18

reporter   ~0017079

It seems I have found out the solution which however might not be proper.

in TJvDockClient.CreateTabHostAndDockControl

I've changed the code so now the id is generated from getTickCount, not only the pointer.... it seems to be a workaround for my problem.

  Result.Name := 'TJvDockTabHostForm_' + Control1.Name + '_' + Control2.Name + '_' +
    IntToHex(Integer(Result)+getTickCount, 8);


2010-01-06 17:38

reporter   ~0017081

ok it doesn't make sense as I can see ... changing the name cause the options not to be applied again, on loading...


2010-01-07 00:18

reporter   ~0017082

I believe I found a better way this time ... here is my workaround.
it's not pretty, but this time it works (so far at least...)

I'm just checking if there is a form with such name, if so - I don't create it anymore, instead I use the one which exists currently ...

function TJvDockClient.CreateTabHostAndDockControl(Control1, Control2: TControl): TJvDockTabHostForm;
  Page: TJvDockTabPageControl;
  OldDockWidth, OldDockHeight: Integer;
  // migajek
  fFound: boolean;
  n: string;
  i: integer;
  // --
  Result := TJvDockTabHostForm.Create(Application);
  // migajek
  fFound:= false;
  n:= 'TJvDockTabHostForm_' + Control1.Name + '_' + Control2.Name + '_' +
    IntToHex(Integer(Result), 8);
  for i:= 0 to application.ComponentCount - 1 do
    if (application.Components[i] is TJvDockTabHostForm) and (application.Components[i].name = n) then
        result:= TJvDockTabHostForm(application.Components[i]);
        fFound:= true;

  if not fFound then
    Result.Name:= n;

  { CreateTabDockClass implicitly sets Result.DockClient.DockStyle via the
    assign in that function }


2010-01-09 11:05

developer   ~0017086

To get a unique name we can use the "CreateUniqueName" function from JvJvclUtils.
Is this a possible solution?


2010-01-10 00:36

reporter   ~0017087

@jfudickar, I'm afraid it is not the solution.

as I mentioned in previous comment, using getTickCount() to generate name (which makes it unique, leaving so small chance to have a duplicate that it was ok for tests) had broken restoring proper position ...

I don't really get the JvDocking internals idea but I believe it is better to keep the current instance of tab host and return it if needed, just like in the code from my last comment.


2010-01-13 17:04

administrator   ~0017114

Can you try with the latest SVN content and let us know how it goes?


2010-01-13 21:01

reporter   ~0017118

it seems to be fixed now. At least it doesn't crash when testing it the same way as previously.


2010-06-07 13:52

administrator   ~0017458

Thanks for letting us know

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