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0005178JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2011-06-10 16:09
ReporterTheRoadrunnerAssigned ToAHUser 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.38 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.40 
Summary0005178: TJvCustomEditorBase.ClearSelection does not clear, just deselects
DescriptionUsing a TJVHLEditor wired up with a TJvEditDelete action does not work when text is seleceted and 'Delete' is pressed.
Additional Informationprocedure TJvCustomEditorBase.ClearSelection;

should be changed to:

procedure TJvCustomEditorBase.ClearSelection;

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2010-02-24 09:57

administrator   ~0017208

I'm sorry, but clearing the selection is just meant to unselect everything, not delete the selected text.


2010-02-24 10:02

reporter   ~0017209

I'm sorry too, but you are wrong. Look at the implementation of TCustomEdit or look at the docs:
Use ClearSelection to delete the selected text from the edit control. If no text is selected, ClearSelection does nothing. If all of the text is selected, ClearSelection clears all text, like the Clear method.

Note: Calling ClearSelection does the same thing as sending the edit control a WM_CLEAR message.

Otherwise, it wouldn't be the logic handler of the TJvEditDelete action, would it?


2010-02-24 10:20

administrator   ~0017210

Hum, bugger.
This is bad naming of procedures then


2010-02-24 10:38

reporter   ~0017211

Yes, I see what you mean now, there is name confusion and TJvEditDelete.ExecuteTarget should be implemented as:

procedure TJvEditDelete.ExecuteTarget(Target: TObject);
  Intf: IStandardEditActions;
  if Supports(Target, IStandardEditActions, Intf) then
    Intf.Delete // NOT ClearSelection
  else if Target is TCustomEdit then


2010-02-24 10:43

reporter   ~0017212

The right solution might be to rename

IStandardEditActions.ClearSelection to IStandardEditActions.Deselect
IStandardEditActions.Delete to IStandardEditActions.ClearSelection

but I can't overlook the consequences

2010-02-24 13:06


JvEditor.html (12,403 bytes)

2010-02-24 13:06


JVEditorCommon.html (21,319 bytes)

2010-02-24 13:07


JvStdEditActions.html (12,241 bytes)


2010-02-24 13:11

reporter   ~0017213

Hi obones,

I don't meen to spam you, but let me present, what I think is the "right" solution.
I have attached my Guiffy diff reports on the three affected files.
I'm well aware that writers of TJvCustomEditor descendants have to handle the renaming of ClearSelection to Deselect.
The change form Delete to ClearSelection is handled in the binding of the interface to the TJvCustomEditorBase class, so it should require no handling.

Kind regards


2010-02-24 18:34

developer   ~0017215

This is now fixed. The IStandardEditActions.Delete method is gone (it was a relict from copying the IFixedPopupIntf interface) and the IStandardEditActions.ClearSelection method is redirected to TJvEditorCommon.DeleteSelected. The old TJvEditorCommon.ClearSelection is renamed to Deselect.

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