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0005182JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-06-11 17:43
ReporterLoPiTaLAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version3.39 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005182: TJvCaptionButton doesn't paint correctly on MDI child form.
DescriptionTJvCaptionButton doesn't paint on its place after maximizing and restoring the MDI child window. It is always painted over the close button.
Additional InformationUsing
  Delphi 2007
  JVCL 3.39
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2010-02-25 16:29


TJvCaptionButton_problem.rar (287,214 bytes)


2010-03-09 11:06

administrator   ~0017273

Please try with the latest JVCL version, I'm not seeing this with the SVN content


2010-03-09 16:43

reporter   ~0017296

Hi again!
I have already updated to the last version (as I told you on isue 0005177), and I found that the behaviour is the same.
Maximize the MDI child (not the main), then restore it, and the button is drawn over the close button, and not where it should go.
May have I done something bad while installing? I am seeing "Version 3.40" on the property "AboutJVCL", so I think it is correctly updated...
Thanks you again,


2010-03-22 16:39

reporter   ~0017317

Hi again. Trying some other solutions, I have found that the button is correctly painted if the maximize / minimize method is the same as in the "Docking\VCDemo" example, this is, done manually.
If I use the maximize / minimize buttons that appears in the menu bar if the main form has its property "Menu"<>nil, then it paints over the close button.
In fact, you can modify this example this way to see the behaviour:
  - MainForm.Menu:=MainMenu1
  - In "SourceEditUnit.pas", add a TJvCaptionButton to the form (it is not necessary to modify any of its properties).
  - Execute the example. If you maximize and restore from the menu bar, then it is not correctly painted. If you maximize and restore from the buttons in the MainMenu_Toolbar, then it is correctly painted.

Strange behaviour...


2010-03-31 08:17

reporter   ~0017334

Also there is another problem.
The button does paint wrong in Windows Vista with Aero theme (a few pixels higher than Border Icons)

I tried to calculate top and height button parameters.
In the end we got here so "black magic":

procedure TMyForm.FormActivate( Sender: TObject );
  i:=GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYFRAME) div 4;
  if (i mod 2) > 0
    then cbMonoView.ButtonTop := 0
    else cbMonoView.ButtonTop := i;
  cbMonoView.ButtonHeight := GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYCAPTION) - 5;
Is there a better solution than this?


2010-03-31 08:19

reporter   ~0017335

cbMonoView is TJvCaptionButton, of course.


2011-06-08 15:14

administrator   ~0018671

I have just tried with the latest SVN content, compiled under DXE, run under Win7 with Aero theme and the button always appear where it is supposed to appear


2011-06-08 16:03

reporter   ~0018684

Yes, I updated too to Delphi 2010 and the problem disapeared.
Maybe a bug with D2007?


2011-09-21 11:43

administrator   ~0018916

Need to test with D2007


2012-02-23 09:55

administrator   ~0019489

I could not reproduce it either with D2007 and today's SVN content

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