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0005239JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2011-06-10 16:10
ReporterdzomlijaAssigned ToAHUser 
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Product Version3.39 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.40 
Summary0005239: TJvPreviewControl will not accept the creation of more than one page
DescriptionI use the OnAddPage event of TJvPreviewControl to render whatever printout I desire, as I believe I'm supposed to. The OnAddPage event includes a boolean parameter "NeedMorePages", which must be set to True should my print require more than on page.

However, if "NeedMorePages" is set to True, an EListError exception occurs - "List Index Out Of Bounds (1)". I have traced the error back to the TJvCustomPreviewControl.DoAddPagemethod, when it calls the OnAddPage event at line 1073 of JvPrvwDoc.pas:

FOnAddPage(Self, PageIndex, ACanvas, APageRect, APrintRect, Result);

I set a breakpoint on line 1073, and code runs perfectly, untill it is time to begin rendering the second page.

I have attached a simple demo program that will highlight this issue. The demo is supposed to simply provide a quick preview of 10 pages, containing "Page : X" on each, counting the pages. However, it cannot get past page 1 to continue rendering the pages.
Additional InformationThe print preview component as it is implemented in the attached demo project, is part of a printing engine that I am working on that uses PowerPDF to create PDF documents, but allows for the design layout of said PDF documents to be used also as a template for printing, thus allowing me to design a document once, and then call a single line of code to either create a PDF file, or to print to paper.
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2010-05-14 13:49


TJvPreviewControl - Single Pages (678,317 bytes)


2010-05-14 20:01

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Fixed in SVN revision: 12768

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