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0005335JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-02-29 16:55
ReportertetarddAssigned ToAHUser 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionDaily / GIT 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.45 
Summary0005335: Call Inherited in CNNotify TJvDateTimePicker missing
DescriptionIn the CNNotify method of TJvDateTimePicker, the following code exists:


Inherited is not called and therefore, FDroppedDown not updated (as in the ancestor in the TDateTimePicker component) and stay to True forever.
Please correct to:


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related to 0004651 resolvedobones TJvDBDatePicker 
related to 0005330 resolvedobones Override CheckValidDate of JvDateTimePicker to avoid NullDate 



2010-09-20 10:47

administrator   ~0017685

This is because of Mantis 0004651
If you find a fix for both issues, then please post it


2010-09-23 13:38

reporter   ~0017703

I added the "Inherited" as I suggest and I tried to reproduce the bug in Mantis 0004651 and I don't have the exception as it's claimed (I have D2010 so maybe it's dependent on the version of Delphi).

Therefore, I think that calling "Inherited" seems to work OK.


2010-09-23 13:46

reporter   ~0017704

Note that in my test, I also incorporated my suggested fix in 0005330 so that could be the fixes: put "Inherited" back and implement 0005330 as I requested.


2010-10-11 10:37

administrator   ~0017867

I can't reproduce it either in D2010, but it would need to be tried again with earlier versions


2010-11-11 02:11

developer   ~0018080

-2) as i remember in old Mantis there was header "Delphi/BCB version" as platform.
I wish this field be revived and made required.

-1) if no one can test on Delphi below 2010 then it can be if-def'ed to be at least reverted in Dephi 2010+

0) Maybe it'd even be just reverted at all and comment left in sources that for future bug reports on this, Delphi version is critical info.
This might be cynical yet ony practical way to test it in someone's older Delphi

1) instead of adding dumb-plain "inherited" call, it woud be better to just remove those lines.

2) and instead of placing this silencer in TJvDateTimePicker.CNNotify, it would better be moved to TJvDBDateTimePicker.CNNotify
If DB-component really need to be crippled, then at least let it be only the DB-component, not both components at once!


2010-11-11 02:14

developer   ~0018081

just tried 0004651 in Delphi XE - i reverted ths 'patch' as i wrote in NNTP - and got infamous

Debugger Exception Notification
Project DatePicker.exe raised exception class EDateTimeError with message 'You must be in ShowCheckbox mode to set to this date'.
Break Continue Help

It seems strange that you can't reproduce it in D2010
Maybe you'd be careful to make fresh and default (user's not developer's) installations of both the JVCL and sampel project from that bug ?

2010-11-11 02:28


DatePicker_BDS-XE.7z (934,328 bytes)


2010-11-11 02:32

developer   ~0018082

here u have it (4651 exampe) attached pre-compiled

run, click on down-arrow in the Picker, then click on the form background to remove focus from the Picker, see result


all in all i consider this bug more important than 4651:
1) this bug occures always while 4651 only in some usecases
2) for 4651 user can easily make learn workaround, so it is only annoying
   with this bug user can do nothing to come around it, it is just broken functionality

PS: all in all i still can't understand, why 4651 was accepted. Crippling another component rather making very same changes in problematic component...


2010-11-11 03:57

developer   ~0018084

i reopened 4651.

My own position is:
  JvDBDateTimePicker is can of worms, in some aspects it tries to outsmart both VCL and Windows itself.
  Problems with it should never be soothed by breaking other components.

This bug is to be fixing by reverting 4651, then thinking what to do.


2010-11-27 22:23

developer   ~0018190

Fixed in svn revision 12914.

The inherited is back and I fixed another NullText bug when the user clicks outside of the popup calendar and Date=NullDate the 1899-12-30 was displayed instead of NullText.

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