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0005484JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2011-02-16 11:06
ReporterGeroldAssigned Toobones 
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Summary0005484: Exception in NameThreadForDebugging
DescriptionAfter installing latest JCL/JVCL 2011-02-15 and compiling my program I allways got en EExternalException in JvType "NameThreadForDebugging".

I saw that the line
  //if IsDebuggerPresent then
is commeted out. Is this OK?

I use XPBar in my program.
TJvXPFadeThread.Execute calls NameThread(ThreadName)
TJvCustomThread.NameThread calls NameThreadForDebugging(aThreadName, AThreadID)

And then I got the exception.

Additional InformationD6 with all updates and latest JCL/JVCL
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2011-02-15 23:49

developer   ~0018378

Could you create a sample to show the behaviour?


2011-02-16 07:49

reporter   ~0018379

This my sample file. Just load it into the IDE (I use D6) and click on the JvXPBar. Than I got an EExternalException error.

I noticed that I only got this error while I run the program within the IDE. I dont got the error when running the EXE only.

I dont understand what is it good for the raise that exception

RaiseException($406D1388, 0, sizeof(ThreadNameInfo) div sizeof(LongWord), @ThreadNameInfo);

in JvTypes.TJvCustomThread.NameThreadForDebugging

2011-02-16 07:49


Test.7z (302,001 bytes)


2011-02-16 11:06

administrator   ~0018380

That's clearly expected as the ONLY way to name a thread is by raising the exception you pointed at.
And it's only raised in the IDE because we trap it explicitely for the naming of the thread to work.
Naming a thread makes debugging easier as you have the name in the thread list instead of the thread id.
If that annoys you, simply comment out that line.

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