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0005495JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2011-06-08 15:28
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Product Version3.40 
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Summary0005495: JvZlibMultiple wrong file
DescriptionHow do I print the right error if not compress the file?

-TFileSkipEvent = procedure (Sender:Tobject;const Filename,errortype,errormessage:String);

I saw the above. Is this used? How can I use? Thank you....
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2011-06-08 15:28

administrator   ~0018676

TFileSkipEvent is used by the OnFileSkip property. Use like this:

JvZlibMultiple1.OnFileSkip := MyOnFileSkip

where MyOnFileSkip is a regular procedure (not inside the form or any object) declared like this:

procedure MyOnFileSkip(Sender:Tobject;const Filename,errortype,errormessage:String);
  // do what you need to do

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