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0005505JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2011-06-07 17:44
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Summary0005505: JvGnuGettext.pas ... Function IsLibrary vs. ModuleIsLib
DescriptionIn Initialization section of jvgnugettext.pas is used variable IsLibrary which is defined in SYSTEM unit. This variable IsLibrary is used in this test ...

  if IsLibrary then
    // Get DLL/shared object Filename
    SetLength(ExecutableFilename, 300);
    {$ifdef MSWINDOWS}
    SetLength(ExecutableFilename, GetModuleFileName(HInstance,
      PChar(ExecutableFilename), Length(ExecutableFilename)));
    {$ifdef LINUX}
    // This line has not been tested on Linux, yet, but should work.
    SetLength(ExecutableFilename, GetModuleFileName(0, PChar(ExecutableFilename),
    {$ifdef CLR}
    ExecutableFilename := System.Diagnostics.Process.GetCurrentProcess.MainModule.FileName;
    ExecutableFilename := ParamStr(0);

Unfortunately this variable have bad value, when is used in library ... Variable is GLOBAL ... so if i using in DLL, then result is False, because variable tests *.exe file, not *.dll ...

Much better is variable ModuleIsLib which is defined in unit SYSINIT ... this variable detect Library or package in which is jvgnugettext.pas used good.

Thanks for fixing
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2011-06-07 17:44

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