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0005540JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2011-04-06 21:13
ReporterralfiiiAssigned Tojfudickar 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.39 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0005540: TJvFileName fails to open Filebrowser if illegal path in textfield
Description* place a TJvFormStorage on a form
* Run the app
* Enter "foo:foo" into the TJvFormStorage
* Press the "browse"-button

-> No file browser opens
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2011-03-31 21:35

developer   ~0018495

Sorry I do not understand what you are telling us.

Where should the "foo:foo" be entered?

Could you create a sample?



2011-04-01 08:51

reporter   ~0018498

Uups. Mistyped.
Forget all the FormStorages, I meant TJvFileName.
Put an TJvFileName on a form and enter the text there, then press the button.


2011-04-01 22:08

developer   ~0018505

Which Delphi and OS version.

For me it works with D-XE and Win 7.


2011-04-04 08:49


Delete.7z (319,802 bytes)


2011-04-04 08:50

reporter   ~0018508

With Delphi2007 and Delphi2010, WinXP
I've attached a demo-app compiled in Delphi2007


2011-04-04 22:47

developer   ~0018511

The problem seems to be a problem of the core delphi openfile dialog, and it seems to be fixed in D2010.

I've tested in D7 and there the component returns directly when this invalid filename is entered.
In D2009, D2010 and DXE (I will attached both versions) it works without problems.

2011-04-04 22:47


TJvFileName_fails_to_open.7z (1,004,025 bytes)


2011-04-05 09:02

reporter   ~0018512

I have tested all your 4 exe-files on a fresh WinXP-Virtual machine and all 4 Exe-Files fail.
(they all don't show the file browser when clicking the button)

I tested on a german WinXP Prof, Version 2002, SP2

Btw: impressive differences in file size, Delphi-Apps are growing enormously :)


2011-04-05 09:13

developer   ~0018513

So what should we do?

It seems to be a OS based problem, and this is nothing we could handle so easy on our level.


2011-04-05 10:00

reporter   ~0018514

The problem seems to be TOpenDialog - it refuses to open when filename = 'foo:foo'.
We could improve the function ValidFileName in JvJCLUtils, then this problem would not occur, or we simply ignore it.
I guess ignoring is quite ok in this case.
jfudickar: Thanks anyway!


2011-04-06 21:13

developer   ~0018515

I would also think not to change it.

With Win7 the filedialog comes.
So what is a valid file name :-)

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