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0005579JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-06-11 17:09
ReportercguserAssigned Toobones 
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Product VersionDaily / GIT 
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Summary0005579: TJvValidateEdit: Issues with DisplayFormat of dfFloat with DecimalPlaces on x64 PT
DescriptionOn a Win7 x64, with "Region and Language" set as: Format = Portuguese (implies DecimalSeparator = ','), TJvValidateEdit property GetAsFloat will be off by a factor of 1000.

TJvValidateEdit *ed = new TJvValidateEdit(this);
ed->Parent = this;
ed->DisplayFormat = dfFloat;
ed->DecimalPlaces = 3;
ed->AsFloat = 1;
if (ed->AsFloat==1000)
Additional InformationThis seems to be rooted on a JvSafeStrToFloat call as shown below.
JvSafeStrToFloat("1,000")==1; // true on Win7 x86 PT, false on Win7 x64 PT

Using it's default extra parameter of aDecimalSepartor "solves" the problem:
JvSafeStrToFloat("1,000",DecimalSeparator)==1; // true on both Win7 x86 and x64 PT

Therefore, as a workaround for JvValidateEdit.pas, on

  function TJvCustomValidateEdit.GetAsFloat: Double;


    Result := JvSafeStrToFloatDef(FEditText, 0);


    Result := JvSafeStrToFloatDef(FEditText, 0,
      {$IFDEF RTL220_UP}FormatSettings.{$ENDIF RTL220_UP}DecimalSeparator);

This fixed (hidded?) the issue.

Just to add that this was tested on a daily SVN version from last January, sorry if it's been noticed/fixed meanwhile.
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related to 0005385 resolvedobones TJvValidateEdit has a bug in DecimalSeparator handling. 
related to 0005060 resolvedobones Wrong Display and Return of Float Values by TJvValidateEdit 



2011-05-11 15:00

reporter   ~0018550

More details, this was with RS2010 with all updates applied.


2011-05-11 16:27

reporter   ~0018551

Probably the root of all this (and maybe x64 is not the real culprit),

On the Win7 x86, PT Format (system and user)
GetLocaleChar(LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT, LOCALE_SDECIMAL, DecimalSeparator)) ==

On the Win7 x64, PT Format (system!=user?)
GetLocaleChar(LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT, LOCALE_SDECIMAL, DecimalSeparator)) == '.';
GetLocaleChar(LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT, LOCALE_SDECIMAL, DecimalSeparator)) == ',';

It seems that in some cases, mismatching settings of LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT and LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT may trigger this.


2011-05-11 17:26

reporter   ~0018552

I would venture that the suggested fix is accurate (while somewhat incomplete).

*All* calls from JvValidateEdit.pas into JvSafeStrToFloatDef should have the third parameter filled as

{$IFDEF RTL220_UP}FormatSettings.{$ENDIF RTL220_UP}DecimalSeparator

because *if* that argument isn't sent, _JvSafeStrToFloat will just default into using LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT.


2011-05-12 13:10

reporter   ~0018553

Last tidbit, on a W7 x86, changing the users Decimal symbol on Control Panel's Format, Additional Settings, it does change it for *both* LOCALE_SYSTEM_DEFAULT and LOCALE_USER_DEFAULT settings, while on x64, it will only affect the latter.


2011-05-13 13:08

reporter   ~0018554

We've just had in a new support issue for this very same problem on an Estonian WinXP customer. They also used "," as DecimalSeparator. This shows that the problem is not unique to Win7 x64 nor PT.


2011-06-07 18:00

administrator   ~0018636

There are other issues on that subject in Mantis


2012-02-24 11:58

administrator   ~0019530

Please use the latest SVN content, I believe this is fixed by the commit for issue 0005060

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