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0005680JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2011-11-30 19:36
ReporterbazilioAssigned Tojfudickar 
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Product VersionDaily / GIT 
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Summary0005680: TJvMemoryDataSet.FRecords moved to private section

I use TJvMemoryDataSet as a buffer to display my object data in the data-aware such as TDBGridEh.

And I need to do custom sorting of JvMemoryDataSet, rules of sorting is not trivial asc of desc.

I an older versions of JVCL I done it with:
type THackJvMemoryData = class helper for TJvMemoryData
procedure SwapRecords(Idx1: integer; Idx2: integer);

THackJvMemoryData.SwapRecords(Idx1, Idx2: integer);

FRecords.Exchange(Idx1, Idx2);

In the last version of JVCL you move FRecords to private section. I could hack to access private members through well known techniquies as fake classes and cast.

But may be you may add public procedure SwapRecords in the next revision of JVCL?
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2011-11-06 14:06

developer   ~0019089

Added as a protected procedure.
Please verify


2011-11-06 14:33

reporter   ~0019090

I'll juts move that to protected section.


2011-11-06 14:33

reporter   ~0019091

Ups.. did not see comment :)


2011-11-30 18:56

developer   ~0019165

I wonder of status, what kind of "user feedback" is needed still ?


2011-11-30 19:36

developer   ~0019166

I wanted to give him the chance to say, ok, or not nice, or what ever.
My implementation was a little bit different from his wish.

But no answer, so we should close it :-)

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