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0005749JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-09-10 14:15
ReporterMellowareAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.45 
Target VersionFixed in Version3.46 
Summary0005749: USB HID Controller makes CPU go to 100% usage
DescriptionI use the USB HID Controller extensively in my application Intelliremote. However certain remotes like the Tivo Slide actually have 6 enumerated HID devices. Each HID device controls a certain subset of buttons on the remote. However if I listen to all 6 devices the CPU spikes to 100% and never comes back down. I can reproduce this every time using the Tivo Slide remote and the demo \Jedi\jvcl\examples\JvHIDController\UsagesDemo

I have a user willing to donate a Tivo Slide to a JEDI developer who wants to debug this so they can see this issue for themselves and what the potential fix may be. I just need to know where to tell him to send the remote?

So basically to reproduce:

1. Plug in and pair the Tivo Slide remote to the PC.

2. Run the UsagesDemo and you will see the CPU at 100%.
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2012-01-03 03:00

reporter   ~0019292

Any update on this? I will send a remote to someone who wants to look into this and possible fix it.


2012-02-22 15:03

administrator   ~0019457

Thank you for your offer, but one would need a Tivo right?
Cause here in Europe, not many of us have a Tivo.

Anyway, can you look in the code and see where the 100% CPU comes from?
It most likely is from a thread that loops very fast without calling any yielding function (sleep, waitforobject...)


2012-02-22 15:07

reporter   ~0019462

No need for Tivo at all. Tivo bluetooth remote is used with Windows media center, but it's not really relevant either. The USB HID bug persists regardless of the app and can be repro-ed with UsagesDemo.


2012-02-23 12:35

reporter   ~0019514


All you need is the Tivo Remote it plugs in using a USB bluetooth dongle. You won't need anything else. Then in the Usages Demo you will see it spike the CPu to 100%. The Tivo remote this happens the most with but I have seen this behavior with 1 or 2 other USB based remotes.

Thanks for any help you can provide, like Zoppa said he is willing to mail you a Tivo Remote you can just plug in and see! I am sure you will be able to fix the issue.

Thanks! Mello


2012-02-24 10:27

administrator   ~0019522

Thanks both for your explanations.
zoppa: I'll send you a message to the email you registered here.


2012-05-13 23:54

reporter   ~0019754

obones, Just checking if there is any update on this? Was Zoppa able to get you a Tivo remote to test with?


2012-05-14 09:23

administrator   ~0019755


Unless emails got lost, I'm sorry to say that I never heard back from zoppa.


2012-05-14 12:18

reporter   ~0019756

obones, I have one to send you too if you want to email me your information and I can ship mine.


2012-05-14 12:25

administrator   ~0019757

Melloware: That's very kind of you, but I wouldn't to deprive you of your tivo remote. I mean, I will most likely not be able to send it back to you after I have used it.


2012-05-14 13:05

reporter   ~0019758

obones: That is OK, i am more interested in getting to the bottom of this tricky bug! I actually only purchased the remote for testing and I don't use it day to day. I would be happy to donate it to the JEDI project.


2012-05-14 14:33

reporter   ~0019759


I have never received any emails although I get notifications from this thread just fine.

Please let me know if you have already figured out the remote donation issue, and if not I will just buy one from Amazon and will ship it whomever can look into this.

Best regards,

Daniel S.


2012-05-20 15:19

reporter   ~0019768

obones: we would love to donate a Tivo remote for you to test thing. I know you will be able to see the issue and fix it. It is one of the only bugs ever reported against my software. Send me an email and I will fedex you the remote!


2012-05-21 15:44

administrator   ~0019770

zoppa: I sent the email back in February, on the 24th to be precise.
Melloware: I don't mind having you send it to me, but I'd prefer that you and zoppa agree on who is sending, I wouldn't want to receive a second one because zoppa has found my previous email.

I have sent a new one to both of you just now.


2012-05-21 18:13

reporter   ~0019777

zoppa, I will handle sending this one to obones. You don't have to worry about it.


2012-05-25 09:53

administrator   ~0019779

Melloware: I have received the remote just fine yesterday evening, thanks for the shipment.
I plugged the USB receiver, paired the remote using Windows 7's wizard and then I ran the usages demo.
I see 7 entries for TiVo Keyboard Remote, but I don't see the 100% CPU usage, not even a tiny persistent percent.
For instance, on my quad core with hyperthreading, I would expect to see 12.5% CPU usage if the application is misbehaving but here, I only get 0.
There is very little spike when I start the application and when I click on info, but it always comes back down to zero.

I'm using Delphi XE2 and the SVN content as updated on Saturday May 19th 2012, can you check you are using the latest version?

If there are additional steps to see the bug, please let me know


2012-05-25 09:55

administrator   ~0019780

Hum, trying the other demos, I'm seeing excessive CPU usage using the SimpleHIDWrite demo


2012-05-25 10:18

administrator   ~0019781

Ok, this is now resolved in SVN, revision 13302

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