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0005783JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-03-12 19:27
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Summary0005783: Add feature: JV Docking should notify client TForms when they are docked and undocked.
DescriptionFrom JVCL newsgroups:

I am willing to add the following feature to JvDocking...

Saw this question on StackOverflow:

  TForm has events OnUnDock and OnEndDock, but these are not fired when Jedi
JvDocking does a dock or undock operation. There are also no "on dock" or
"on float" events available anywhere in the code. This seems like a design
oversight by the original Chinese Delphi developers who contributed the
original JvDocking code, which I have done some improvements on.

My answer is that JvDocking does not support it, but I can fix it so it
does. Any JVCL devs have an opinion on this? SHould I fix it?

In short, the JvDocking code in JvDockSupportControl.pas needs to check for
Dock Client = TForm, and check if TForm.OnUnDock is assigned, and if so,
fire an event so that the form is notified that it is being undocked. Same
approach will work for Docking.

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OBones replied; Go ahead.
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related to 0005023 resolvedwpostma ManualTabDock fails to work first time and works incorrectly subsequent times, Dock to Tab Grabber invisibility. 



2012-03-12 19:26

developer   ~0019661

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2012-03-12 19:27

developer   ~0019662

Please report any JvDocking issues to me via email for quicker attention since I only rarely check mantis or the newsgroup.

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