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0005799JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-06-11 17:43
ReporterJeremy84Assigned Toobones 
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Product Version3.40 
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Summary0005799: JvAppStorage connected with JvAppRegistryStorage PROBLEM
DescriptionHello! I am using the JvAppStorage component connected with JvAppRegistryStorage
to save in Windows 7 registry.
In "StoredProps" property's JvAppStorage I select components and properties that I want to save,
among which there are componentes that not included in JVCL library, like TCoolBar.Bands, JfMenuItems.Cheked, jfStatusBar.Visible.
The properties are stored in the registry but then I can't read them.

I use a TCoolBar and I want to save the Bands property. I see that save a folder named
TcoolBar_bands with values properties, but when I executing the program the bar view is bad
and it haven't the components that I had put inside it.

Could it be that the JvAppStorage only works with JVCL components?
What could be the problem?

Thank you.
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2012-02-23 09:49

administrator   ~0019487

Please try with the latest SVN content:

And please note that Coolbar is famous for being annoying to work with on those aspects. You may have to use the events in JvAppStorage and do the storage yourself

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