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0005827JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2012-09-10 14:15
ReporterchickenrudiAssigned ToAHUser 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.46 
Summary0005827: TJvSimpleXML: XMLData gives unreadable characters
DescriptionWhen I try to display the data from TJvSimpleXML by reading it's contents from the property XMLData or the method SaveToString I just get some kind of "chinese" characters. This wasn't always so.

If I save the content from this component to a TStringStream I can eventually use the property DataString to display the xml content.

Attached is a very simple project that should help you to understand what I mean.

Additional InformationDelphi 2010
Windows 7 (64)
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2012-03-10 19:49

developer   ~0019656

This should be fixed with svn revision 3768.

The problem was that a unicode TStringStream was written to from a TJclAnsiString. So the SaveToStream() method wrote the XML as AnsiString into the stream (1 byte per char) and the SaveToString/SaveToStringEncoding() method read it as a UnicodeString (2 byte per char).


2012-03-10 21:31

reporter   ~0019658

Thank you, everything works fine again.

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