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0005926JEDI VCLMiscellanouspublic2015-09-21 17:47
ReporterMark-Assigned Toobones 
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Target VersionFixed in Version3.49 
Summary0005926: TJvHidDeviceController memory leak.

I am not sure on the version. It came from JVCL345CompleteJCL231-Build4197

I have a TJvHidDeviceController on a window. When a USB device is plugged in,
TJvHidDevice.Create is called 6 times and TJvHidDevice.Destroy is called 4 times.

All is good.

The window is still open.

When I unplug the device TJvHidDevice.Destroy is not called 2 times causing the memory leak when the program terminates.

I have not been able to locate a call to free the TJvHidDevice objects. They appear to be dangling. They are not in the FList of TJvHidDeviceController.

In TJvHidDeviceController.DeviceChange they are removed from the FList but the objects are not freed. I do not see where they had been or are added to another list.

Thanks for any help.


Additional Information
cHidControllerClassVersion = '1.0.35';

UnitVersioning: TUnitVersionInfo = (
 RCSfile: '$URL: $';
    Revision: '$Revision: 13102 $';
    Date: '$Date: 2011-09-07 07:46:34 +0200 (mer., 07 sept. 2011) $';
    LogPath: 'JVCL\run'
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2012-07-01 15:27

reporter   ~0020045

I made a change and so far all is good.

In JvHidControllerClass, TJvHidDeviceController.DeviceChange;

I changed:

if not HidDev.IsCheckedOut then


if not HidDev.IsCheckedOut then


2013-01-15 15:20

administrator   ~0020345

This is now fixed in SVN

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