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0005963JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2013-12-13 11:15
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Summary0005963: should we remove trayicon ?
DescriptionTrayIcon component was devised in RxLib for Delphi 1 to 4

AFAIR since Delphi 5 there is stock tray icon component.
And prior Delphi versions are no more supported.

It is also told to work more compatible way in network configurations.

Would it better be removed ?
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2012-08-24 00:41

developer   ~0020125

Are you sure that Delphi 5 had a TTrayIcon. My source tells me that it was introduced in Delphi 2006 ( - The New TTrayIcon Component in BDS 2006)


2012-08-24 09:24

developer   ~0020126

I did not fired it for 2 years, so i am not sure.
In general, i remember that when D5 was out, it seemed to me they clones many RxLib components, like AppEvents.

I had impression that TrayIcon was on the list as well. I may be wrong.
And now 2006 is the most old version that i have access to.


2012-08-24 09:56

reporter   ~0020127

proposal for handling this case:
-because in such cases interesting code constructs could be comprized,
making a "historic"-JVCL-compartment (tabsheet) which the user can
optionally install ( or not, by checking in installer,) could be a solution.


2012-08-24 10:26

developer   ~0020128

Well there is archive folder already :-)

But it is only filled in large rare restructuring events, like JVCL 2 -> 3

I proposed JvDeprecated unit with clear dates of final removal, but no one found it worth it. Maybe it was too using newer Delphi features, and since D7 compatibility is treated essential, or whatever.


2013-12-13 11:15

administrator   ~0020757

Thing is, TJvTrayIcon provides balloon hints to IDE versions that don't have it.
I'm not sure when it has been added to TTrayICon, but it happened quite late.

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