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0006143JEDI VCL02 Installationpublic2013-05-25 13:30
ReporterbluishAssigned ToAHUser 
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Product Version3.47 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0006143: Error E2250 on JvGnugettext.pas(1017) lanching installer
DescriptionI have RAD Studio XE2 and XE4 installed. I successfully installed JCL (latest version from GitHub).
But when I launch install.bat for JVCL (latest version from SourceForge), I get:

[Compiling installer...]
Using Delphi 18

Embarcadero Delphi for Win32 compiler version 25.0
Copyright (c) 1983,2013 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
C:\RADComponent\jvcl\run\JvGnugettext.pas(620) Warning: W1000 Symbol 'MidStr' is deprecated: 'Moved to the AnsiStrings unit'
C:\RADComponent\jvcl\run\JvGnugettext.pas(1017) Error: E2250 There is no overloaded version of 'EnumResourceModules' that can be called with these arguments
C:\RADComponent\jvcl\run\JvGnugettext.pas(2756) Warning: W1000 Symbol 'Seek' is deprecated
C:\RADComponent\jvcl\run\JvGnugettext.pas(3186) Warning: W1000 Symbol 'Seek' is deprecated
JVCLInstall.dpr(1918) Fatal: F2063 Could not compile used unit 'JvGnugettext.pas'

Failed to compile JVCL installer
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2013-05-23 14:28

reporter   ~0020491

Also note that I had to download and from and put them in C:\jedi\jvcl\common\jedi because they where missing.


2013-05-23 18:27

developer   ~0020492

Where did you get the JVCL version?

The line "Using Delphi 18" tells me that you didn't use the SVN head revision of the JVCL because that one would print "Using Embarcadero RAD Studio XE4".


2013-05-24 11:20

reporter   ~0020494

I downloaded this:
which is:

But now from your message I deduced I have to checkout the SVN repository (revision 13515).

Then I also copied new version of from JCL, like I said in my first note.
And now it works. Thanks!

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