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0006171JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2014-09-03 11:29
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Product Version3.47 
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Summary0006171: Incorrect font of a hint window with ShowCellHint = True
DescriptionOperation system is Windows 7 x64.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Set the following properties of a TJvDBGrid instance:

          ShowCellHint := True;
          CellHintPosition := gchpDefault;
          ShowHint := True;

2. Move mouse to grid cell with a long text and wait for a hint.

The font of the hint window will be different from the font of the cell.

The font of the hint window should be the same as the font of the cell.
Additional InformationThere is the following code on CMShowHint method on JvDBGrid.pas:


But the font of the hint is incorrect. Why so?
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2013-08-31 03:44

developer   ~0020607

Last edited: 2013-08-31 03:47

> he font of the hint window should be the same as the font of the cell.

why ???

Look at windows settings - hint font is a separate setting, independent from caption font and or button font and or message font

2013-08-31 03:47


jvcl-0006171.png (51,421 bytes)
jvcl-0006171.png (51,421 bytes)


2013-09-27 15:07

reporter   ~0020642

Because the grid displays hint on cell rect - so it must have the same font on this case.


2013-12-13 11:47

administrator   ~0020802

Please provide the zipped sources of an application showing this

2014-03-02 14:58 (775,782 bytes)


2014-03-02 14:59

reporter   ~0020917

Steps to reproduce:

1. Run the demo project.
2. Move mouse cursor to a cell and wait for a hint.

Actual result: Cell hint will be shown with incorrect font.

Should be: Cell hint should be shown with the same font as on the cell.

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