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0006239JEDI VCL03 Donationspublic2015-09-14 13:20
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Summary0006239: Continuation from issue id 0005793 -- allow strings in TJvSpinEdits
DescriptionI cannot seem to reopen issue 0005793 (which by the way unintentionally fell through the cracks -- I didn't mean to let it dies off.)

Anyway, I have reproduced the same demo on DelphiXE3 (which is our current dev environment) and the spins edits show correctly still, with text, as intended.

Additional InformationTo address your comment about the code going into TJvCustomSpinEdit: it seems to me that the new value type vtString is as generic as the other types (vtInteger, vtHex, etc...) so to make a distinction between them will make the code unnecessarily messy (especially for the GetValue routine, which TJvCustomSpinEdit doesn't actually implement but rather inherits.)

I'm totally puzzled as to why you'd see integers instead of strings in the demo, and I have to assume that there was some sort of patch glitch. I've seen stuff go bad before due to line-ending changes in the diff and/or source files. Perhaps the patch I produced has the wrong line-endings (I produced it on Linux.)

To that end I'm attaching my version of the before and after JvSpin.pas files and you can diff-and-patch in a way that you know works properly for you.

The demo from the original 0005793 issue can be used as is.

Please let me know whether you were able to run the demo correctly or not.

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related to 0005793 resolvedobones JvSpin does not allow strings 


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2013-12-16 14:37

administrator   ~0020866

Well, I tried again, and still the same diff.
But looking at the code in more details and debugging it, I found that it was missing the change in TJvSpinEdit.SetValue
Once I added the appropriate code here, I was able to have text and work with it in the spin edit.
This has been commited in GIT.

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