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0006241JEDI VCLDonationpublic2016-08-04 21:18
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Summary0006241: Range check error in JvPaintFX.pas
DescriptionThere is a problem with the code donated by Jan (JvPaintFX.pas).
In the original code there was a {$R-} directive.
After the code was donated somebody removed that directive and now 'procedure Stretch' fails with a 'Range check error'.
That {$R-} was supposed to be there. The code is pre-Delphi 4 and it uses some some nasty trick to get the job done. This article (see post by Rob Kenedy) explains why the $R- must be there!!!

Additional InformationThe code is really really bad. Needs massive improvement.
Things like this:

 TCListList = array[0..0] of TCList;
 PCListList = ^TCListList;

must be replaced with 'normal' arrays. This will make the nasty GemMem go away and SetLength will be used instead.

Also, things like this can be improved for speed:

       RGB.R := 0;
       RGB.G := 0;
       RGB.B := 0;


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has duplicate 0006436 resolvedAHUser Crash in JvPaintFX.pas 



2014-09-03 11:37

administrator   ~0021031

Please provide the zipped sources of a sample application showing this


2015-09-27 16:42

developer   ~0021220

The $R- is in the, so it is still there.


2015-09-28 11:29

reporter   ~0021225

I did a search for '$R' in but cannot find it


2015-09-28 11:29

reporter   ~0021226

Is this the file?



2015-09-28 11:34

reporter   ~0021227

Sorry... found it as: {$IFOPT R+} {$DEFINE RANGECHECKS_ON} {$ENDIF}


2015-09-28 11:38

reporter   ~0021228

This means that Jedi library was never ran with $R+ ? $R+ helps the programmer discover bugs. But in this case, if you activate RangeChecking, then the code in JvPaintFX will fail. RangeChecking need to be locally disabled in that file, as it was in the original JanFX file.


2015-09-28 15:29

developer   ~0021229

It's in the the line "{$A+,B-,C+,D+,E-,F-,G+,H+,I+,J-,K-,L+,M-,N+,O+,P+,Q-,R-,S-,T-,U-,V+,W-,X+,Y+,Z1}"

The JVCL never used $R+. Sure it would be nice to check for range errors but enabling it for the JVCL would require a lot of code to be changed and there aren't enough developers left for this.


2016-08-04 21:18

developer   ~0021334

Fixed in master branch

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