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0006265JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2014-12-04 16:39
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Summary0006265: JvStrings.XMLSafe didn't replace " '

In XML, there are only five built-in character entities: <, >, &, " and ' for <, >, &, " and ' respectively.

But XMLSafe didn't replace the " and '
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2014-03-18 22:28

developer   ~0020929

I've changed the implementation to Use JclSimpleXml.EntityEncode.

And i marked the funtion as deprecated. So please use Use JclSimpleXml.EntityEncode


2014-03-31 10:47

reporter   ~0020939

But XMLSafe converted the characters greater than 128 too, EntityEncode did not. I'm no XML-Expert, but I think this could have had a reason...

OK, I see that XML prefered Hex-Values and XMLSafe produces Decimals, but this is another But, I think.

Or you are right and the chars greater 128 needs no change. I think it depends on the Target-Format UTF-8 or ANSI.
So if used UTF-8 the char may be allowed to use, but the Programmer should know that the string has to be converted to UTF-8 too, after using EntityEndode.
With XMLSafe it this not necessary.


2014-03-31 11:46

reporter   ~0020940

I searched deeper: When using Unit JclSimpleXml why didn't we use XMLEncode or SimpleXMLEncode instead of EntityEncode.
Many functions, all doing nearly the same. Maybe EntityEncode could marked deprecated too?


2014-04-20 20:03

developer   ~0020951

Usage of EntityEncode or SimpleXMLEncode is base on the options of the simplexml object.

But you are right. I switched the implementation again to SimpleXMLEncode. This should be the right function.

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