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0006302JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2021-04-03 12:40
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Summary0006302: JvDBGrid: dgIndicator option currently required to show TitlePopup
DescriptionAssigning a TPopupMenu to the grid's TitlePopup, (which has dgTitle on it's options) but no dgIndicator included, won't trigger the display of such menu when right clicking on the Title.
Additional InformationSeems an old bug spotted on JvDBGrid.pas 12831 2010-09-05,
however the latest version from
still has it: line 2418
      if (Button = mbRight) and
        (dgTitles in Options) and (dgIndicator in Options) and
        (Cell.Y = 0) then

Why is dgIndicator required to show the TitlePopup?

The third condition of "and (dgIndicator in Options)" seems kinda lost in there.
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2014-07-16 13:31

reporter   ~0021002

Hi Olivier, could you please check with Andreas if there is any reason to require the presence of dgIndicator to popup the TitlePopup menu?

I suspect that that isn't, and if so, the fix is just to remove the second condition on line 2419, where

" (dgTitles in Options) and (dgIndicator in Options) and"

becomes just
" (dgTitles in Options) and"

A workaround on every caller side is somewhat messy (catch mouse click, was it on title?, was it a right-click? is it internally reversed? etc...).



2014-09-03 11:39

administrator   ~0021034

Please provide the zipped sources of a sample application showing this

2014-09-03 17:55 (5,612 bytes)


2014-09-03 17:56

reporter   ~0021046



2019-05-23 20:46

reporter   ~0021850

Pull request created:


2021-04-03 12:40

developer   ~0021960

Fixed in Git master branch

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