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0006318JEDI VCL02 Installationpublic2014-08-23 18:32
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Summary0006318: I can't install for Delphi XE6
Descriptionour company would like to upgrade to Delphi XE6 and i have to test the compatibility between JCL/JVCL and Delphi XE6. I install Delphi XE6 Trial and if i start the install.bat from JCL i get following error: This version of the product does not support command line compiling and the JediInstaller.exe can't be found.

What can I do?

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2014-08-22 11:49


screen1.PNG (21,037 bytes)
screen1.PNG (21,037 bytes)

2014-08-22 14:49


screen2.PNG (41,607 bytes)
screen2.PNG (41,607 bytes)


2014-08-22 14:51

reporter   ~0021014

When I tried to install manually the packages I've found something strange. see screen2 this shows me Delphi in all packages from JVCL D20


2014-08-23 18:32

developer   ~0021015

You can use the binary installers for XE6


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