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0006332JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2019-05-24 12:00
ReporterlstauberAssigned Toobones 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionDaily / GIT 
Target VersionFixed in VersionDaily / GIT 
Summary0006332: Jvrollout realigns controls on collapse/expand
Descriptioncreate a rollout and place 2 panels with Align=alTop into it (panel1 lies now on the top of the panel2). if you start this application, collapse this rollout and expand it again, the panels are switched, the panel1 lies now below the panel2.
Additional Informationbug in the (relatively new) method CheckVisibility. The alignment must be disabled during the visibility setting task. 4 added lines are commented.


procedure TJvCustomRollOut.CheckChildVisibility;
  procedure GetChildVisibility;
    I: Integer;
    if FChildControlVisibility = nil then
      FChildControlVisibility := TStringList.Create;
      FChildControlVisibility.Sorted := True;
    DisableAlign; // !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADD THIS LINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    for I := 0 to ControlCount - 1 do
      if (Controls[I] is TWinControl) and (TWinControl(Controls[I]).Visible) then
        FChildControlVisibility.AddObject(Controls[I].Name, Controls[I]);
        TWinControl(Controls[I]).Visible := False;
    EnableAlign; // !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADD THIS LINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  procedure SetChildVisibility;
    I: Integer;
    if FChildControlVisibility <> nil then
      DisableAlign; // !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADD THIS LINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      for I := 0 to FChildControlVisibility.Count - 1 do
        if FindChildControl(FChildControlVisibility[I]) <> nil then
          TWinControl(FChildControlVisibility.Objects[I]).Visible := True;
      EnableAlign; // !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ADD THIS LINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  if csDesigning in ComponentState then

  if Collapsed then

This change could also bring some performance.
You can naturally also use try...finally :)

notice: I also do not understand, why the code only works with TWinControl and not with all TControls - perhaps from the old, removed method, that only worked with tabstops?!
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2014-12-04 15:00

administrator   ~0021079

Please provide the zipped sources of a sample application showing this.

2014-12-05 11:38


rollout content (4,859 bytes)


2014-12-05 11:40

reporter   ~0021130

zipped sources uploaded


2019-05-05 09:37

reporter   ~0021814

Created a pull request for this one:


2019-05-16 22:23

reporter   ~0021838

My bad. Had deleted the branch too early so I created a new pull request for this one, I hope it is good enough now:

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