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0006345JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2020-05-19 09:51
ReporterasolferAssigned Toobones 
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Product VersionDaily / GIT 
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Summary0006345: JvZlibMultiple crashes when directory or file to compress/decompress have unicode chars like Chinese or Greek
DescriptionDear Sirs,

I use the JvZlibMultiple in my own application to compress/decompress files and directories with complex structure of sublevels in them. If the filenames of files that I compress contains unicode characters like ????.txt the decompression fails with this message

I check the source code JvZlibMultiple.pas and I see that you use AnsiString class and I think that is the problem. I try to change this code switching this class for UnicodeString class but now, the old files compressed with the original code of JvZlibMultiple.pas doesn't works.

Thanks in advance,

Additional InformationI've attached my own changes to support this feature, but if I do these changes, files that compressed with original code doesn't works.
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2014-10-27 11:50


JvZlibMultipleUnicode.pas (21,357 bytes)

2014-10-27 11:56


errorMessage.png (8,724 bytes)
errorMessage.png (8,724 bytes)


2014-10-27 11:59

reporter   ~0021068

The html codification not allow view the correct chars of ???.txt in my PC are Chinese chars...but when JvZLibMultiple works with them transform these chinese chars in ?


2014-12-04 15:02

administrator   ~0021080

Please provide the zipped sources of a sample application showing this.
Please also note that the Zip format does not officially support anything but ASCII.


2020-05-19 09:51

administrator   ~0021886

No reply in a timely manner, suspending the issue

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