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0006351JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2014-12-04 16:24
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Summary0006351: jvHidControllerClass not working under Windows 8.1
DescriptionInstalled 3.48 with Delphi 2009. Building the BasicDemo and running it results in an error dialog "Device cannot be opened", rendering jvHidController unuseable.
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2014-11-12 22:06

reporter   ~0021070

Opening the BasicDemo project under Windows 8.1 causes the immediate error "Device cannot be opened".

[49D1E465]{JvSystem120.bpl} JvHidControllerClass.TJHidDevice.CtlCreate + $1B1
[49D20007]{JvSystem120.bpl} JvHidControllerClass.FillInList + $147
[49D200FE]{JvSystem120.bpl} JvHidControllerClass.TJvHidController.DeviceChange + $2A


2014-11-19 04:11

reporter   ~0021072

Previous note still applies but the runtime error in BasicDemo.exe can be corrected by adding an event handler to HidCtl.OnDeviceCreateError as follows:

procedure TMainForm.HidCtlDeviceCreateError(Controller: TJvHidDeviceController;
  PnPInfo: TJvHidPnPInfo; var Handled, RetryCreate: Boolean);
  Handled := True; // eliminate "Device cannot be opened" error

Maybe a default OnDeviceCreateError event handler should be added to the HID demos?

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