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0006369JEDI VCL02 Installationpublic2020-05-18 22:58
ReporterMichal MuchaAssigned Toobones 
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Summary0006369: installation issues in BCB 6 and XE7 compilers
DescriptionI downloaded latest versions of JCL and JVCL from git hub (on 06/12/2014).
I installed both packages in C++ Builder 6 ENT. and C++ Builder XE 7 ENT.
(it is worth mentioning that I do not have the Delphi "personality" - yes such species exists)

I followed the installation procedure as described in the Install instruction for both packages and both compilers. Installation and compilation went fine with some issues which I describe below. I hope these observations and suggestions will help the library developers/maintainers to master their excellent job. Other users may also find thet information useful.

The following issues appeared:

For BCB 6 the installation (ie. JediInstaller.exe and JVCLInstall.exe must be run in priviledged mode to be able to write in "forbidden" directories "c:\Program Files (x86)\Borland\CBuilder6\Projects\Bpl\",
"c:\Program Files (x86)\Borland\CBuilder6\Projects\lib\",
"c:\Program Files (x86)\Borland\CBuilder6\include".
The suggestion is that installation programs could detect system version and
use of forbidden directories and ask user for permission to run in the elevated mode. Obviously this can be done restarting the manually
using "run as administrator" . After component registration some icons (dcr) are missing on the components palette. otherwise for BCB 6 everything went fine.

During the installatin in the XE 7 environment (both 32 and 64 bit version)
JediInstaller.exe (JCL), when option of checking generation of hpp files is
checked it searches for the hhp files in
$(BDSCOMMONDIR)\hpp directory (installer propsed default), not in the one specified by user, although the hpp fies are copied to the user specified directory. JediInstaller does not preservr the dcu and obj files.
The bpl, bpi, dcp, lib are copied to the directories specified in the program.

The JVCLInstall program copies the bpl hpp files to the apropriate directories
but it does not copy the bpi, dcp, lib to the specified directory
$(BDSCOMMONDIR)\dcp but leaves them in the installation program default
in my case "c:\pgms\jedi\jvcl\lib\d21\$(Platform)"
For brieviety I use here $(...) directories macro names used in compiler
environmet variables, but in the installer programs they are fully expanded.

After the registration of components in the IDE, at least one does not
appear on the palette list. In my case it is TJvFormStorage. All
project files seem to be OK, the JvFormPlacement unit, where it is defined is compiled, dcu exists, it exists on the list of RegisterComponent function in
JvSystemReg.pas but it is missing from the palette list.
I do not know if there are more cases like this one.

Can someone give me a hint why that happened, what might be the cause of
the problem?

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2018-07-18 15:35

administrator   ~0021477

Could you please try again with the latest GIT content?


2019-04-14 17:14

developer   ~0021699

I would suggest to close this request.

Michal Mucha

2019-04-23 03:50

reporter   ~0021729

Unfortunately, I cannot verify the installation procedure at the moment. My hardware/software configuration has changed since the time I reported the problem.
Thank you for the effort.

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