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0006395JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2021-09-04 14:28
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Summary0006395: TjvCaptionButton hides the caption text of the window
DescriptionWhen a form with a TjvCaptionButton becomes visible, the caption of form is not displayed. If you resize the window, the caption becomes visible. Tested with Delphi XE6 and Windows 8.1 Pro.
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2018-07-18 15:34

administrator   ~0021476

Please provide the zipped sources of an application showing this.

2019-05-19 11:13


CaptionButton1.PNG (9,369 bytes)
CaptionButton1.PNG (9,369 bytes)


2019-05-19 11:14

reporter   ~0021841

I think this button component has even more issues. I can reproduce the issue described with Rio, but as my screenshot shows that when the button is not properly positioned (yet, I need to figure out how to do that), resizing leads to that nasty artifacts my screenshot shows.

2019-05-19 11:17 (54,330 bytes)


2019-05-19 11:20

reporter   ~0021842

Ok, I created a small demo now showing the issue. The caption text of the form not only becomes visible on resizing the form, but on clicking that button as well (I implemented a ShowMessage call in the OnClick handler).

Since I had another idea for testing right now I added another demo. The difference to the original one is, that it doesn't call ShowMessage (which will run the message loop), but only change the text of a label on the form.
If implemented like this, clicking the button no longer makes the form's caption visible. Only resize works then.

2019-05-19 11:20 (54,387 bytes)


2019-05-19 11:30

reporter   ~0021843

Another observation: if I enable themes, the text of the form's caption is visible right from the start!


2019-05-19 16:44

reporter   ~0021844

Hm, during loading of the component the caption of the form's title bar is there, only afterwards it is being removed.


2020-05-19 10:34

administrator   ~0021928

Any news on this?


2021-09-04 14:28

reporter   ~0022000

Who do you ask about news? I (instead of the OP) did provide a demo showing this bug.

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