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0006412JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2015-09-21 17:47
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Summary0006412: TJvSpinEdit bound exception when using vtString

I'm using the new feature you added for us into the spin edits whereby you can load TStrings and set the ValueType to vtString. Thanks for that!

I did notice a couple easy to reproduce (and seemingly easy to fix) issues:
(In both cases, I'm referring speficially to cases when vtString is in use.)

1) When clicking Up/Down, the value isn't checked against either MaxValue/MinValue nor the item count of the Items field.

2) Setting a MaxValue and loading a shorter list of Items doesn't do anything for the MaxValue.
Additional InformationI've included a trivial sample project. (I happen to build on XE8, so the project file may or may not load in previous versions of Delphi RAD Studio, but a new project file can be trivially created.)

Possible fixes as follows:

Issue 1: Add a call to CheckValue to the vtString case in TJvSpinEdit.SetValue().

Issue 2: Add a code to adjust the MaxValue in TJvCustomSpinEdit.SetItems(). Something like this, perhaps:
FMaxValue := Math.Max(FMaxValue, FItems.Count-1);

p.s., for a more severe crash (as in crash during form creation) related to issue 0000001, set the MinValue property of JvSpinEdit1 to 1, for instance. I believe that the potential solution above will address this crash as well.
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Hmm... my last p.s. comment was incorrectly formatted because I used a hash sign instead of the word "number". So, the text should actually read:

.... related to issue number 1, set the MinValue property....

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