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0006417JEDI VCL00 JVCL Componentspublic2015-09-14 14:09
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Summary0006417: JvMail and JclMAPI use Anis version of API
DescriptionTested with D. XE2:

JvMail that uses JclMAPI use the Ansi version of the API. Microsoft says we should be using the Unicode version (search MAPISendMail and MAPISendMailW for example, see here: as the Ansi may be removed from future version of Windows.

Hence, for Delphi versions that have Unicode strings as default, the Unicode API should be used by JclMAPI.

JclMAPI uses TMapiMessage defined in Winapi.mapi:

MapiMessage = record
    lpszSubject: LPSTR; { Message Subject }
    lpszNoteText: LPSTR; { Message Text }
    lpszMessageType: LPSTR; { Message Class }
    lpszDateReceived: LPSTR; { in YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM format }
    lpszConversationID: LPSTR; { conversation thread ID }
  TMapiMessage = MapiMessage;

LPSTR are AnsiStrings.
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2015-09-14 14:09

administrator   ~0021199

MAPISendMailW is only available from Windows 8 onward, so we won't support it

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