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0006436JEDI VCLJclGraphicspublic2016-08-03 20:23
ReporterCubicDesignAssigned ToAHUser 
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Summary0006436: Crash in JvPaintFX.pas
DescriptionThe person that added JanFX library to JEDI removed a {$R-} directive without really understanding what it is doing.
Without this directive the code crashes.
Additional InformationThe problem is

class procedure TJvPaintFX.Stretch(Src, Dst: TBitmap; Filter: TFilterProc; AWidth: Single);
    GetMem(Contrib, DstWidth * SizeOf(TCList));
    // Horizontal sub-sampling
    // Scales from bigger to smaller Width
    {$R-} <------------------ THIS WAS REMOVED!!!!!
    if (xscale < 1.0) then

This will explain why that range check should be disabled:
Tagsbug, janfx, JvPaintFX, resampler, stretch


duplicate of 0006241 resolvedAHUser Range check error in JvPaintFX.pas 



2015-09-14 21:21

reporter   ~0021206

To reproduce it, simply call TJvPaintFX.Stretch.
It is amazing that nobody reported this until now.


2016-08-02 19:23

developer   ~0021307

All JVCL files are compiled with $R- (first compiler directive in So I don't see how that code could be compiled with $R+ unless you copy that part into your own unit.


2016-08-02 20:00

reporter   ~0021309

> are compiled with $R-
That is BAAAAD! During debugging and testing Range Checking should ALWAYS be on.

> unless you copy that part into your own unit
Yes. This is what I do (and I know for sure at least 3 friends that are doing the same). I don't like having the whole Jedi installed because it is too big, so I only use what I need from it.
Any person that will use ONLY that piece of code will have the same problem.

If in the future Jedi will (hopefully) change the R- to R+ that code will fail also in Jedi. So, why deleting that single line of code if it does NO harm when it is there and LOT of harm when is removed?


2016-08-03 17:23

developer   ~0021316

My guess it that the person who integrated TJvPaintFX thought that due to the global $R- that it isn't necessary.

I found some more "array[0..0] of T" type declaration in the JCL/JVCL. The Delphi RTL changed them years ago to "array[0..MaxInt div SizeOf(T) - 1] of T". That's what I'm going to do to fix this.

BTW: Why is TJvPaintFX a component anyway, it should be moved to the JCL and made an abstract class. But I guess it is a bit too late for that, especially with nobody actively working on the JCL/JVCL.


2016-08-03 20:23

developer   ~0021317

Fixed in master branch.

I also moved the JvResample.pas to \archive because all its code is a copy of JvPaintFX (with some style guide changes).

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